The Square of Changes

The Square of Changes: witness stories

The Square of Changes

Currently, an exhibition-object The Square of Changes has been placed on the Esplanāde near the Latvian National Museum of Art, which is a tribute to all Belarusians who have experienced Belarusian prisons in the last nine months. This object is a copy of a transformer cabin located in a yard in Minsk and became a symbol of the Belarusian struggle for their rights. There are photos on the walls of the cabin showing the events in this square. Unfortunately, the Belarusians themselves could not come to Riga, but as part of the event we invite Belarusians who now live in Riga and experienced the events in the original Square of Changes, to come to the square and share their stories and talk about the events in Belarus. The event will take place in Russian, it can be watched live on the Facebook page of the Riga Photomonth.

May 24 — July 4
May 24 — July 4

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May 25 — July 4
June 1 — July 1
June 13 — July 18
June 16 — July 3
June 21
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July 8 — August 29
July 13
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