Photo by Katrīna Ģelze

Life After Covid?

Photo by Katrīna Ģelze

Along the length of Avotu Street in Riga there will be an exhibition in a public space – Life After Covid? The exhibition is created by artists whose works were selected in the Riga Photomonth open call. The works will be located on poster stands, advertising poles, shop windows, building windows and on the walls. The information will be updated closer to the opening date of the exhibition. Participants – Pēteris Ķimsis, Maria Rukina, Elvīra Blumfelde, Valdis Putniņš, Katrīna Ģelze (all Latvia), Ania Ready (UK/Poland), Anna Niskanen (Finland), Bram van Dijk (France/Netherlands), Christy Grishina (Russia), Jana Garvanlieva (Italy/North Macedonia), Kertu Rannula (Estonia), Leticia Zica (France/Brazil), Sergei Stroitelev (Russia), Sue Polschikova (Portugal/Russia).

May 24 — July 4
May 25 — July 4
June 1 — July 1
June 13 — July 18
June 16 — July 3
June 21
9:00 pm
July 8 — August 29
July 13
7:00 pm