Ieva Stalšene

Ieva Stalšene. Innocence

Ieva Stalšene

Every soul is destined to be robbed of innocence. They are instructed to carry out this procedure against each other or against themselves. They tend to reflect on this suffering, creating the so-called “art”. In time, it also loses its innocence. The exhibition reveals a natural process from which, in human weakness, we want to turn away.

Ieva Stalšene has a bachelor’s degree in Scenography from the Latvian Academy of Arts and is continuing her studies in the master’s program. In her art she reflects on the interaction of the natural and the supernatural, man’s connection with the Absolute and with himself. References to BDSM and spiritual practices are often found in the visual language, and the materiality chosen is given importance in the works. She has been working for the artists’ association 4K since 2020, while in 2022 she had her first solo exhibition Adults Do Not Cut Veins.

Opening – May 24, 6pm at DOM Gallery (Ģertrūdes 115), opening hours Tue-Sat 4-8pm, except May 26 – 4-10pm.