Call for entries – Riga Photomonth 2021

Riga Photomonth announces an open call for the next festival under the theme Life After Covid. We are looking for projects that not only reflect recent changes in the world, but are also preoccupied with questions about what the world will look like after Covid. Works that are personal, political, controversial, ambitious, unsettling, thoughtful or/and uncoventional. Artistic forms can range from documentary narratives to guerrilla art activities in the urban environment with a fairly distant link to the photography. We are looking for three types of projects:

- Project, installation, series for exhibitions (in urban environment or gallery)

- Performaces (in urban environment or/and online)

- Projection (open-air or/and online)

Photographers/artists from all over the world are welcome to submit their projects - projects for exhibitions can be a series or installations, performances can take place in Riga or in your place and transmitted online live or pre-recorded, but a project for projection should consist of 10-20 images from a single series. Approximately 5-8 projects will be selected for exhibitions and performances, and about 30 for a projection. Riga Photomonth will provide a symbolic artist fee for those who will be selected for exhibitions and performances, and also cover travel expenses (up to 200 EUR) and up to 3 nights accommodation in Riga, if it will be possible to travel. We will also cover the production costs of exhibitions or performances (or ship the works, if possible). Riga Photomonth will take place from 24 May until 4 July 2021, and most events will take place in the first two weeks.

To submit:

1. Read terms and conditions carefully and download application form

2. Pay application fee of 10 EUR (see below for applicants who are exempt from the fee)


3. Send your submission to opencall @

Deadline until 31 January 2021 23:59 GMT+2


Terms and conditions

* Open to photographers & artists worldwide of all ages. Artistic collectives can also apply.

* The submitted projects must interpret the festival’s theme Life After Covid.

* Photographers/artists may submit three type of projects. 1) For an exhibition we are looking for site specific works, such as series, collages, installations, video works that can be exhibited in a venue or in the urban environment (walls, fences, windows, billboards etc). 2) For a performance we seek projects that can take place in Riga or your place and be streamed online live or pre-recorded. 3) But for a projection we will be showing single series of 10-20 photos.

* Each participant can submit maximum of two projects. For each application seperate form should be filled and seperate participation fee should be paid.

* The same project can be submitted for an exhibition and projection at no additional application fee, just tick the boxes in the application form.

* The submitted entries for exhibition or projection must follow these guidelines: hi res files, 2000-2500 px long side, JPG, RGB, maximum quality (compression - 11). If it's an installation, you can submit as many images as you feel is necessary (but up to 20). In case of a video, the link to the video should be provided in the email. In case of a performance, please include any relevant info that can help us evaluate the proposal, such as sketches, sample videos and description of duration, format, medium and place.

* If submitting series, please entitle your entries as follows: “name_surname_number”, for example, “donald_trump_01.jpg”. The number will indicate the order.

* The entry should also include an application file in .doc or .docx, which can be downloaded from the this web site (above) and should contain applicant’s name, surname, year of birth, country of residence, e-mail address, the title and short description of the project, as well as information on the project.

* Applications should be sent to email If your message exceeds 10 MB, please use Wetransfer or any other file transfer programme.

* The participation fee is 10 EUR payable via PayPal on our site by clicking the link above. The payment should be made no later than 12 hours after the application has been sent. If another person or email is paying for your application, please let us know it in your application.

* Applicants who are based in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Iran are exempt from paying the application fee. Please note that if you are from one of these countries but don't live in one of these countries, you have to pay the application fee.

* Submission deadline: Sunday, 31 January 2021 23:59 GMT+2. The Riga Photomonth team will shortlist and the results will be announced by 12 March 2021.

* Entries that are received after the deadline or are not formatted following the guidelines, as well as the ones for which the fee has not been paid (except as mentioned above) will not be considered.

* With the authors, whose projects are selected for the exhibitions and performances, the organizers will get in touch individually to arrange the transportation of the works or production. Riga Photomonth has the right to determine the production and representation of the works, however will do their best to meet the requirements of the author. Works, which are produced by Riga Photomonth, will be destroyed after the show unless agreed otherwise with the author of the project.

* By submitting an application to the call for entry, the applicant grants permission to Riga Photomonth to showcase the entries free of charge at the festival. Also, the applicant gives Riga Photomonth and its partners a permission to use the submitted works for publicity in the context of the festival only.

* In case of questions or problems with submission, please email:
‚Äčopencall @



Q: Can I submit my project that has been done earlier (before Covid) but is still relevant to the subject?
A: Yes

Q: For an exhibition I want to submit just a single photograph/object/installation, is that OK?
A: Yes

Q: I am from Latvia but live in the UK, do I need to pay the application fee?
A: Yes

Q: My performance has nothing to do with photography but is relevant to the festival's theme, can I still apply?
A: Yes

Q: Can I submit a performance that has already been performed elsewhere?
A: Yes

Q: I want to do my performance in Berlin and not Riga, is that possible?
A: It's OK but it must be possible to stream it to our audience (on our website or/and Facebook page).

Q: There's no PayPal in my country, how can I pay the application fee?
A: Write us, we will give you our bank account nr and you can transfer the fee via bank transfer. But we also suggest to try to find a friend abroad who can help you with PayPal to avoid paying bank fees.